Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of computer is required to run BBall Stats? BBall Stats works on any PC (desktop, notebook, or tablet) running Excel 2003-2010 on any Windows operating system (except Windows RT). For best results, monitor resolution should be widescreen, at least 1280 x 800 or 1366 x 768.

One tested option is the Smartab 2-in-1 10.1" Tablet/Notebook that sells for ~$100 (as of 12/2019).  This, together with a download of Excel 2010 from eBay (~$10), offers a very economical solution.

In any case, you should try an evaluation copy to confirm the program is compatible with your computer before buying.

How do I upgrade to the latest version? Download the latest version and enter your activation code. Open both the old and the new versions. Go to the new version, and on the "Create Game" tab click the "Import Game" button. Select the games that you want to move to the new version and click the "Import" button. The games and associated teams will be moved to the new version. Save the new version, and the upgrade is complete.

What new features are included in Version 4.0? In addition to speed and stability improvements, the latest version adds the ability to instantaneously view Plus-Minus and Efficiency stats for any combination of players and periods during a game. And, BBall Stats is now configured to work on tablet computers that run Windows.

What other features have recently been added? Recent additions include a Score Graph showing the sequence of scoring by both teams and the ability to move games between versions using the "Import Game" button.

When I open the BBall Stats file, nothing happens. How do I enable macros in Excel so the program runs? The way you enable macros in Excel varies by the version you are using, as described here.

How many teams can be stored in the program? Up to 30, with up to 16 players per team.

How many games can be stored in the program? It varies with the number of events that occur in the games recorded, but the average range is 40-50—easily enough for all games played by one team during a season.

What statistics can be displayed? During a game, in addition to the Shot Chart and the Score Graph, you have immediate access to the following statistics:

For each team:

    • Total points scored,
    • Total team fouls committed this half,
    • Number of full and 30-second timeouts remaining.

For any combination of players on either team, for any combination of periods:

    • Points scored,
    • Fouls committed,
    • Two-point shots made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Two-point shots in-the-paint made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Three-point shots made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Free throws made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Overall field goal percentage,
    • Assists,
    • Blocks,
    • Offensive rebounds,
    • Defensive rebounds,
    • Steals,
    • Turnovers,
    • Charges taken,
    • Efficiency,
    • Plus-Minus.

What data entry is required to compute the playing time for individual players? When a player substitution is made you are asked to enter the time on the game clock. Knowing this, the program computes playing times for all players, by period. Note: The user is not required to maintain, and try to keep in-synch, a separate game clock within the program.

Can I record events and display statistics for just my team? Yes, you can record any or all events for either or both teams. All real-time and summary statistics are available for the events that you do record.

What distinguishes BBall Stats from other basketball stats programs?
BBall Stats is especially easy to use, and it provides instant access to the fullest range of statistics for any combination of games, teams, players, and periods. Prove this to yourself by downloading and experimenting with a free, fully-functional evaluation copy.

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