BBall Stats is a computer program for recording events during high school basketball games that provides instant access to team and player statistics. Its ease-of-use and real-time display of comprehensive statistics on current and past performance give coaches and players a critical competitive edge.

How Do I Use It?

BBall Stats provides a single place to electronically record all on-court actions. The first step is to enter team rosters, which can be reused for subsequent games. Once the team lineups are set, events that occur during the game—shots, fouls, assists, substitutions, etc.—are recorded live on a PC or tablet using simple clicks on a custom scoring sheet.

Statistics on the performance of individual players or groups of players from your team and the opposing team are readily available to guide coaching decisions during the game. For example, shot charts for any combination of players, or a graph comparing scoring by both teams, can be displayed to identify strengths and vulnerabilities—inputs that can inform offensive and defensive adjustments and maximize your team’s success.

When the game ends, results are automatically merged with data from previous games to provide summary statistics on every aspect of your team's and players’ performance. Instant access to all of this in electronic form—and the ability to copy and paste it into other applications—make paper scoring sheets and traditional stat notebooks obsolete.

Click here to see a video demonstrating how the program works.

How Do I Get It?

To download a fully-functional evaluation copy of BBall Stats click here: Free Download

Open the downloaded file in Excel, ensure macros in Excel are enabled, and BBall Stats will start running. Explanations of all features and their use are included in an integrated help system.

You will have up to 7 days to try BBall Stats and experience—first-hand—its capabilities and advantages. If you want to continue using the program, the 7-day limit is removed by purchasing an activation code, available here.

BBall Stats should work on any desktop, notebook, or tablet PC running Microsoft Excel 2003-2010 on any Windows operating system (except Windows RT).

Please try the evaluation copy before buying to ensure it is compatible with your computer.