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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of computer is required to run BBall Scorekeeper? BBall Scorekeeper works on any PC running Excel 2003-2013 on any Windows operating system (except Windows RT). For best results, monitor resolution should be widescreen, at least 1280 x 800 or 1366 x 768. Try an evaluation copy to confirm it is compatible with your computer.

When I open the BBall Scorekeeper file, nothing happens. How do I enable macros in Excel so the program runs? The way you enable macros in Excel varies by the version you are using, as described here.

What statistics can be displayed? During a game you have immediate access to the following statistics:

For each team:

    • Total points scored, including a running score,
    • Total fouls committed by half,
    • Number of full and 30-second timeouts remaining.

For each player

    • Points scored,
    • Fouls committed,
    • Two-point shots made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Two-point shots in-the-paint made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Three-point shots made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Free throws made/attempted (or percentage),
    • Periods played.

When I make a mistake, how hard is it to correct it? It's easy. You can correct any errors by simply deleting the erroneous entry and reentering it. Scoring can be entered either by clicking on 'hit/miss' buttons or by using pull-down menus directly on the scoresheet. Any changes are immediately reflected in the team's Running Score as well as the player's totals. Fouls are entered/removed by simply clicking and toggling the hash marks associated with each player. And sequencing errors associated with scoring or foul entries are also easily fixed.

How can I be sure the program does what I want? Simply download a free copy and try it out!!

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