BBall Scorekeeper is a computer program for recording game data on an electronic version of the traditional basketball scoresheet. It greatly simplifies scoring and displays player and team stats in a familiar, official format that is easily stored and shared.

How do I get it?

Download an evaluation copy of BBall Scorekeeper. Free Download

Open the downloaded file in Excel, ensure macros in Excel are enabled, and BBall Scorekeeper will start running. Explanations of all features and their use are included via a pop-up 'Help' screen.

You will have up to 14 days to use a fully-functional copy of BBall Scorekeeper and confirm that it meets your needs. If you want to continue using the program, you can purchase an activation code here.

BBall Scorekeeper should work on any Windows PC (except Windows RT) running Microsoft Excel 2003-2013. Please try the evaluation copy before buying to ensure it is compatible with your computer.

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